Jorge Lorenzo : I made a mistake………

Lorenzo leading at 1st lap
Lorenzo leading at 1st lap

Lorenzo failed to finish the first race of MotoGP qatar. And if you look at his first appearance, Lorenzo has a great chance to be the champion of the series. He was pushing hard yamaha m1 to quickly move away from the pursuit of even harming her opponent.

Lorenzo entering the corner too fast and too hard braking while still running on the first lap. As a result, the tire temperature is not enough warm and asphalt too cold on the conditions made the track became slippery. Finally, Jorge Lorenzo crash and the important point loss at these year.

It was also admitted by Lorenzo, he says,

“I made a mistake, it was a long time ago that I last did that in a race! We are not perfect; we are only human and sometimes we make mistakes. The tyres were different to last year and the temperature of the tarmac was a little colder. I didn’t take these circumstances into account and I was too fast into the corner when the front and rear tyre were not ready yet. It’s a pity to lose so many points with Marc and Valentino and Dani who are the favourites. Valentino demonstrated that the Yamaha can fight even with these tyres and the championship is very long so lets see what happens in Austin.”

But he was quite happy with the results obtained valentino rossi. It proves that the Yamaha M1 is able to fight even though not strictly supported a softer tire. (fnc)


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