Cargloss, OEM Manufacture Body Painting in Indonesia

Kawasaki Bajaj Helmet made in Cargloss
Kawasaki Bajaj Helmet made in Cargloss
Kawasaki Bajaj Helmet made in Cargloss

May not many people know about Cargloss. A company engaged in ‘painting’ is already quite famous in Indonesia by the motorcycle manufacturers in the country. Good quality paint often trusted by the motorcycle factory paint quality as the original.

No wonder if paint is quite expensive then lower paint class and Cargloss rare in the general market. Call it yamaha Indonesia, the paint used on all the local products are the result of Cargloss. Cargloss as PT. Murni Cahaya Pratama assured its existence by continuous supply to major automotive assembler OEM manufacturers.

OEM Paint Manufacture
OEM Paint Manufacture

Cargloss have made is to specialize in automotive paints (body painting & components painting) and subsequently to include auto refinish, decorative paint, and marine paint. with a good paint technical know how and problem trouble shooting, we are very confident to the answer to increase our product value and decrease your production cost.

Do you know something about cargloss? They made many OEM product manufacturers at many motorcycle factory on indonesia. besides it cargloss also makes the helmet with OEM manufacture label. Like Pulsar 200NS helmet bonus, the helmet made in cargloss with Kawasaki Bajaj label on the front. (fnc)


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